Meeting Minutes  07/10/16

     Tina Savas

    Dr. Robert J. Cerfolio

     John Lauriello

Jack Sacco

Good Ol’ Days

Evolution of a Statue

Exhibition closing


Baton Rouge Trip

Vizzini Wine Tasting

 (photo’s) 2015 (video)

Nina Miglionico   (New)

La Storia Keepsake


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Hole in one…Hole in one…Hole in one

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Nina Miglionico

Nina Miglionico (1913–2009) was an early activist for women's rights and to date is the longest-practicing female attorney in Alabama, practicing law for 73 years. She was also a Birmingham, Jefferson County, political leader who stood for racial equality and consistently voted to repeal the city segregation ordinances that led to the civil rights campaign of 1963.

(Encyclopedia of Alabama)

Commissioned by the City of Birmingham and sculptured by Artist Dr. Ronald Scott McDowell, the life size statue can be seen in Lynn Park, Birmingham, Alabama.

Evolution of a Statue

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