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     Tina Savas

    Dr. Robert J. Cerfolio

     John Lauriello

Jack Sacco

Good Ol’ Days

Evolution of a Statue

Exhibition closing


Baton Rouge Trip

Vizzini Wine Tasting

 (photo’s) 2015 (video)

Nina Miglionico   (New)

La Storia Keepsake


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Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Tina Savas is among the first wave of women entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Alabama. She has a lengthy history of successfully encouraging entrepreneurship, educating people about women’s issues, and breaking the mold for what is considered acceptable for women entrepreneurs.

Savas is the co-author of Women of True Grit, profiling highly successful women in different fields, with their secrets to success. She is a frequent guest on television and radio shows, and has been featured in numerous newspaper, magazine and online articles.

Guest speaker at the Italian American Heritage Society of Birmingham on May 15, 2016

For more information on Tina Savas or to order her book:

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“Women of True Grit”:

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(205) 936-5778.